Award Winning

Committed to Excellence

We are located in Scottsdale, Arizona, but our nomadic staff is scattered all over the world. Collectively, we have been working together for over a decade. We are committed to each other and believe solid relationships are what make us excellent.

Committed to getting the job done correctly, but even more committed to producing results. We are determined to turn a vision into reality while aligning our core values with the project’s overall strategy. Our commitment to excellence strengthens a project’s chance for success.

2013 Winner


We have been established since 2010.


Expanded into video content creation.


Launched Branding Coach Package.

Design Innovation

Your style is our passion

Erin Miller is a Scottsdale-based branding strategist, photographer and author specializing in developing unique identities for companies and leaders from Scottsdale to Sydney since 2005. Erin offers a link between usability and creative. She has worked on a wide range of design projects, providing her with valuable insight and knowledge. Conflicts often do arise between the need to innovate and push boundaries, along with the need to find a solution that is highly usable. Erin has a sufficient understanding of both disciplines to navigate a project through to a suitably balanced solution.

Erin juggled her growing roster of small business clients while holding down an agency job. In 2010, she stepped out on her own and launched New Heights Digital Studio, a boutique agency for new small business owners in need of brand identity.




What we do

Behind every great project is a proper strategy

We will help build you a strategy that is best for you and your business. We will take you through our intentional branding exercise, crafting a story that rings true to your personal values. We will start by asking simple questions: “What hasn’t been working, why, and can we evolve it?”