Creating Your Personal Brand

Everyone has a social profile. In this day and age, with cancel culture happening and people digging up content from 10 years ago to use against you, you’ll want to make sure you keep a close eye on what you put out there. Having more eyes on your brand and helping shape it is more beneficial than you might realize. Even if you aren’t a business owner, those tweets, Pinterest boards, and that LinkedIn profile is all part of your digital persona.

Reflect on your image

In my personal experience, people don’t put much thought into what they post; they like what they like. But maybe what you thought in 2010 doesn’t quite reflect who you are in 2021. Being intentional with what we post, and keeping in mind our future selves, congregates a successful social media persona.

Once you get some clarity on how you want to be perceived in the world, you can be more clear in your social profiles and feeds. Post what aligns with your new vision. Delete what doesn’t.

Understand Your Purchasing Behavior

Think of something that defines you without using your name. Think of one word.  For example, inspire, assertive, peaceful, loving, funny, success. Put together a brand statement that demonstrates how you consume products and what it says about you.

My favorite brand is________.

I choose this brand because ____________. What this brand says about is ________.

My brand name from this exercise is “__________________________________.”

There are conclusions that can be drawn from your everyday purchasing behavior that can better help you understand yourself.

Packaging vs Personal Appearance

As a designer I love packaging. In most cases, the packaging is more important than the product inside. Great brands keep their packaging consistent. The consistency of the packaging, along with the performance of the product keeps customers loyal and maintains their influence in the market. Just like your personal brand, you will be first noticed by your personal appearance. Your appearance is a visual and tangible identifier that also signifies trust, inspires action, and sets the expectation for the experience others will have from an encounter with you.

Difference Between UI/UX

January 24, 2020|Comments Off on Difference Between UI/UX

UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) UI design refers to a user interface, which is the graphical layout of an app. It is comprised of buttons that the end-user of the [...]